Music was Matt Cwiertny’s passion, love, and escape.

In this spirit, the Matt Cwiertny Memorial Foundation (MCMF) is thrilled to announce our quality of life outreach program, Matt’s Mixed Tape. Beginning in February 2013, the MCMF commenced gifting iPod Nanos that are pre-loaded with music generously donated by caring artists to adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer patients (ages 15-29). The MCMF is so proud to partner with UCLA’s Daltrey/Townshend Teen and Young Adult Cancer Program, The Teen Impact Program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and Mercy Children’s Hospital in Saint Louis for this quality of life program. Music therapy has been shown to help cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and bone marrow transplants decrease their pain, nausea, and stress.                                   

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The Foundation has chosen to focus on AYA cancer patients for the Matt’s Mixed Tape program because Matt, only 24 when he passed away, fell into this age range. Throughout his battle, it became apparent that organizations offering support to patients in treatment by way of gifts tend to focus on a younger demographic and overlook AYAs.

The musicians working with the MCMF recognize the need to advocate for this underserved population of cancer patients and have given their full support to our program, as well as access to rare songs and recordings. It is through the generosity of these artists that Matt’s Mixed Tape iPods will arrive pre-loaded. These artists understand how music can help AYAs deal with the toughest of days or nights, and how the Matt’s Mixed Tape program is a great way for their music to reach these young people, offer them a moment of escape, and improve their quality of life.

The MCMF invites you to participate in the Matt’s Mixed Tape program by making a donation on this website. Donations toward MCMF’s quality of life program will support the acquisition of iPod Nanos and wall chargers that will be gifted to AYA cancer patients and help our Foundation expand its reach to other hospitals in the near future. 

The Matt Cwiertny Memorial Foundation wishes to thank the following artists for their kindness and generosity in donating their music to this exciting program:

A special “Thanks” goes out to The 88, Andrew McMahon and The Dear Jack Foundation for all their help in making the Matt’s Mixed Tape project a reality that will help so many teen and young adult cancer patients.

A special “Thanks” also goes out to our friends at mac-fusion for all their help and support on the program.

*The Offspring appear courtesy of Sony Music

Matt, music & special moments. 

Whether he was in the front row, or a balcony high up in the cheap seats, it just didn't matter. Matt thrived on live music. On a few special occasions, Matt actually had the opportunity to meet and hang out with a few of the many amazing artists he listened to everyday. Here are some pics of those very special moments, including some shots Matt had taken at a few of the countless concerts he attended.