MCMF helps fund a LLS Academic Research Grant!

One of the objectives of the MCMF is to fund innovative medical research focused on treatments and therapies for T-cell non-Hodgkin Lymphomas (NHL), such as the  EBV-induced T-cell Lymphoma that Matt  suffered from, which are more common in young adults and children. In 2010, the MCMF teamed with The Dear Jack Foundation (led by Andrew McMahon) and Jack's Mannequin walk teams throughout the US, and together raised $120,000 for LLS through LLS's annual Light the Night walks. As a result, the MCMF, along with The Dear Jack Foundation, was able to fund an LLS Academic Research Grant to Dr. Ludovic Deriano, PhD, a post-doctural fellow at the New York University (NYU) School of Medicine.

The MCMF and The Dear Jack Foundation chose Dr. Deriano for this grant because his research focuses upon identifying and analyzing the mechanisms that promote genomic instability due to incorrect chromosomal rearrangements in developing B and T-cell lymphocytes causing both leukemia and lymphoma. The emphasis of his research work is to identify better medical treatments and therapies for T-cell NHL patients, since these patients are not responsive to current drugs, e.g., Rituxan, and other drugs that are generally effective against B-cell NHL cases.

The MCMF would like to thank its friends at The Dear Jack Foundation, as well as all of those who donated to and /or participated in the MCMF's Team MATT fundraising efforts for the 2010 “Light the Night” walk at Angel Stadium. This grant would not have been possible without your fantastic support and participation.