The The MCMF Donates $5,000 to USC-Children’s Hospital of LA 
in Support of AYA Oncology Fellowship

There exists a current national need to provide education, training and communication to improve awareness, prevention, access, and quality of cancer care to AYA’s.* In response to this need, the MCMF is very pleased to announce that it recently made a donation of $5,000 to the new USC-Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles AYA Oncology Fellowship program, which is a novel approach to addressing the AYA gap in both pediatric and adult oncology medical doctor training programs. The MCMF believes that this program will help provide medical doctors who will be experts in the field of AYA oncology and who will improve the treatment and healing of AYA’s with cancer.

* NCI and Lance Armstrong Foundation AYA Progress Review Group, Publication No. 06-6067, August 2006.