Matt Cwiertny Memorial Foundation Continues Its Support Of Ground-Breaking USC-CHLA’s AYA Oncology Fellowship Program

MCMF Donates $10,000 to first-of-its-kind AYA Oncology Fellowship

Orange County, CA (2/27/2016) – In its continuing efforts to find cures for adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancers, the Matt Cwiertny Memorial Foundation (MCMF) recently donated $10,000 to USC-Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to support its AYA oncology post-graduate fellowship program.

Tony Cwiertny, CFO for the MCMF, explains: “The USC-CHLA AYA Oncology Fellowship is the first and probably the only formally organized AYA oncology post-graduate Fellowship program in the United States. We believe that this program will help provide medical doctors who will be experts in the field of AYA oncology and who will improve the treatment and healing of AYAs with cancer.”

The discipline of adolescent and young adult oncology is an emerging field. While many aspects of caring for patients with AYA cancers overlap in the pediatric and adult oncology realm, there are unique factors that are important for this group of patients. USC-CHLA’s AYA oncology post-graduate fellowship offers a curriculum that is a novel approach to addressing the AYA gap in both pediatric and adult oncology training programs. Graduates become experts in the field of AYA oncology. They become comfortable interacting with AYA population and can address their psychosocial needs. They understand the impact of health care access and resources for AYA oncology patients and will conduct clinical research in AYA cancers. Recently, the program graduated its first post-graduate fellow, Dr. Chelsea Collins.

The MCMF is proud to support USC-CHLA’s AYA oncology fellowship, and for the third year in a row is donating to this ground-breaking fellowship program. Given the program’s success, and its vital role in creating doctors who will be experts in the field of AYA oncology, the MCMF has doubled its contribution this year by donating $10,000 to the fellowship.

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