Matt Cwiertny Memorial Foundation Supports Two New USC Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Patient Program Initiatives

Orange County, CA (2/27/2016) – Committed to improving the quality of life of adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer patients, the Matt Cwiertny Memorial Foundation recently donated 10 iPads to the adolescent and young adult cancer program – AYA@USC – at the University of Southern California.

AYA@USC has recently instituted two new program initiates targeted at improving the psychosocial (physical, psychological, social, spiritual, etc.) health and overall quality of life of AYA cancer patients. The first program will focus on AYA cancer patient electronic database generation, including initial and follow-up evaluations of new AYA cancer patients entering the AYA@USC program. The database will track demographics, disease status and treatment, and patient self-measurements of stress levels and psychosocial needs. The second program consists of self–administered patient surveys seeking to help AYA patients identify symptom complexes which can guide approaches to reducing distressing and painful complications of their cancer and its treatment. In administering both programs, USC will use 10 iPads donated by the MCMF to collect data for the electronic database, as well as facilitate patient survey-taking.

As noted by Christine Cwiertny, MCMF President, USC’s two new program initiatives dovetail nicely with the mission of the MCMF: “Since its inception, the MCMF has sought to find ways to enhance the quality of life of AYA cancer patients. USC’s new programs, which seek to care for the overall health and well-being of AYA patients, are exactly the kind of initiatives the MCMF wishes to encourage, fund, and support. We are honored to have a role in USC’s work to care for and cure AYA patients. We are also deeply grateful to our numerous financial supporters who have made this opportunity possible.”

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