Matt Cwiertny Memorial Foundation’s Matt’s Mixed Tape Program Reaches 100 Artists

100 Musical Artists Have Donated Over 800 Songs To Matt’s Mixed Tape Program

Orange County, CA (2/27/2016) – The Matt Cwiertny Memorial Foundation’s quality of life outreach program, Matt’s Mixed Tape, has reached a major milestone: 100 musical artists have joined the Matt’s Mixed Tape playlist by generously donating over 800 songs.

“The Matt’s Mixed Tape program seeks to keep Matt’s memory and love of music alive by gifting iPods filled with music to adolescents and young adults (AYAs) with cancer. The musicians working with the MCMF recognize the need to advocate for this underserved population and have given their full support to the program, donating full albums, rare tracks, or original recordings,” explained Eric Cwiertny, program co-director. “By donating their music, these musicians not only show their concern and support for AYA cancer patients, but also offer these young people a moment of escape and a way to connect with other patients who share a love for music,” continued Michele Cwiertny, program co-director. Ultimately, the program seeks to help to improve the quality of life of AYA cancer patients, as music therapy has been shown to help cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and bone marrow transplants lessen their pain, nausea, and stress.

Currently, the Matt’s Mixed Tape Program is partnered with UCLA’s Daltrey/Townshend Teen and Young Adult Cancer Center, USC-Children’s Hospital’s Teen Impact Program, and Mercy Children’s Hospital in Saint Louis, Missouri. This month, the MCMF delivered 60 new Matt’s Mixed Tape iPods to UCLA’s Daltry/Townshend Teen and Young Adult Cancer Center. Since the program’s inception in February 2013, the MCMF has donated over 200 Matt’s Mixed Tape iPods to AYA cancer patients.

The MCMF thanks the artists participating in the Matt’s Mixed Tape program for their incredible talent, generosity, and support of this important music-based, quality of life outreach program. Without them, and the continued support of our financial donors, we would be unable to share Matt’s love of music with other AYAs seeking treatment for cancer. For more information on the Matt’s Mixed Tape program, or to make a donation, visit

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